Storage Manager
Storage Manager

Save time

Keep all of your records in one easily accessible place.

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Increase efficiency

Bulk actions mean less time spent on repetative tasks.

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Reduce paperwork

Send out all communications straight from Storage Manager.

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At a glance:

Owes money

See which of your customers have outstanding invoices. You can also see whether the outstanding invoice is due or overdue.

Expired insurance

See which of your customers have expired insurance. You can see if their insurance has expired or if they have no insurance details.

Due to be invoiced

See which of your customers are coming up for storage renewal.


Add reminders to a customer. You can see if they have a reminder set.

Tailored to you, your site and your customers.

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Edit customer details

Display multiple sites

Invoice Manager



Paxton Net2 CCTV Integration

Storage Manager is designed specifically for storage site owners to help them with all administration needs.

We always look for ways to improve our system so that you have all the facilities available to ensure you are getting the best from Storage Manager.

Xero Integration

  • Create and edit customers
  • Create and post invoices
  • Track payments

Add Net2 integration to automatically control customer access depending on credit status.

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Paxton Net2 Integration

  • Create, edit and remove customers
  • Change access level, department, start/end dates
  • Add/remove keyfobs and cards

Combine with Xero and/or SecureSite to maximise your security.

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Forms Integration

  • Send a secure link to customers by email
  • Customer then completes the online form
  • One-click updates the customer on Storage Manager

Enable the customer to keep their Storage Manager details up to date.

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SecureSite Integration

  • Prevent unauthorised movement of Caravans / Motorhomes
  • Send SMS alerts to your phone
  • Sound alarm and/or lock the gates

Extend Net2 integration to track customer and vehicle movements on site.

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Storage Manager is unlike any other, and so are our prices. One of the most affordable on the market!
Our affordable packages mean you can add integration modules to the core software when you want.

Storage Manager Core Software

Monthly subscription


Xero Accounts Integration Module

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Paxton Net2 Integration Module

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Forms Integration Module

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SecureSite Integration Module *

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* The SecureSite Integration Module requires the Paxton Net2 Integration Module

About Us

Station Software was established in 1986 and specialises in creating bespoke software for small businesses. Station Software created Storage Manager back in 2010 after being approached by a storage site owner who felt that a paper based system was no longer reliable or efficient. Station Software worked closely with several storage sites and CaSSOA (the Caravan Storage Site Owners Association) to create Storage Manager as we know it today. Our customers input is what has ensured Storage Manager is everything you need it to be and more.

What our customers say

  • “Storage Manager has revolutionised our caravan storage business. It is user friendly and efficient, we highly recommend this software. The transition was made smooth and easy by the teams accurate data transfer service for new customers. Mike and Saffron provide exceptional customer service and are always quick to help with any queries!”
    Sheepdrift Farm Caravan Storage, Suffolk
  • “I’ve used Storage Manager since 2018 after looking around for a suitable storage software. I find the software user friendly and simple. It covers everything that I need it for to run a storage business. It’s integrated well with my accountancy software (Xero). If I ever have a problem its sorted straight away.”
    Stafford Storage, Staffordshire
  • “After an introduction to Mike by a friend many years ago the “original” CARAVAN STORAGE MANAGER was created and based around our business. Since then the program has been adjusted and modified to suit a wide variety of storage situations and simplifies the day to day running of your business. This user friendly software with its FIRST CLASS support is a must for any caravan storage business.”
    Lawson Storage Ltd, Co Durham
  • “We have a large caravan storage facility that, prior to using Storage Manager, was using a very basic database and invoicing system which was very time consuming and open to human error. Migrating over to Storage Manager was daunting, but we are very glad we have done so. It’s made our customer records and billing so much easier to manage. Having set up Storage Manager to work with our accounts package Xero, we are now phasing out our many Standing Order payments, and moving customer over to Direct debits, which automates the large part of the monthly billing and collection process. We are very happy with how Storage Manager is working for us! We have had a few teething problems along the way, but these have been dealt with swiftly. The customer care from Storage Manager has been fantastic and Mike or Saffron have always been available to resolve issues as quickly as they can. I can recommend Storage Manager to any storage facility!”
    Llandow Caravan Park, Glamorgan
  • “Storage Manager is the first database that we have found that actually works effectively for our business. Saffron and Mike are very helpful and a pleasure to work with. It’s improved our efficiency and reduced admin time an added bonus we weren’t expecting!”
    Hill Top Caravan Storage, East Yorkshire
  • “Discovering and implementing Storage Manager Software has proved to be the best decision that we have made for our Storage Company. The help and support is absolutely first class and we would highly recommend this programme to anyone with a storage site. It helps you measure the business so you can manage it a lot easier. ”
    B L Caravan Storage, Northamptonshire
  • “I was looking for a way to keep track of our caravan storage that was able to include a site plan, All customer data, invoicing and would also integrate with our accounting system. After much research I came across Storage Manager but this was based in the U.K. I contacted Mike and he advised he was able to customize this for us in Australia. Storage Manager has turned out to be the perfect program for us. Mike and his team have been fantastic organising installation of the program and also Integrating this with our accounting program. Also being available to do voice to voice Training with us within our working day in Australia – despite the time difference. The program is very simple to use making it very time efficient and easy to follow. I have found the Storage Manager Team fantastic to work with and completely professional.”
    Pattos RV Centre, Geelong, Australia
  • “I have been using Station Software’s Storage Manager for around 4 years now and can honestly say it has made the running our storage site easy and straightforward, with 180 customers on site Storage Manager manages customer records, invoicing, payments and reports, it can also integrate with your accounting software. Storage Manager makes managing my business in a professional and efficient manner a breeze and Mike and his team from Station Software provide great support, should you need it.”
    Appleby Caravan Storage, Derbyshire

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