Storage Manager

Storage Manager is versatile software that offers a complete solution to running a storage site.
It contains many features, some of which are listed below:

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Graphical Layout

  • Create a site layout that reflects your own, with up to 6 separate storage areas.
  • Each plot indicates whether it is occupied or vacant. You can set the colour to show when storage is on/off site.

Display Options

  • Use display options to see at a glance who owes you money, expired insurance, reminders set, upcoming invoices.
  • With our integration modules, you can see the Net2 status and Xero Status.

Drag & Drop Site Designer

  • Create your site layout with ease using our drag & drop site designer.
  • Change size and colour of a plot(s).
  • Add unrentable buildings and landmarks to your site to create an accurate representation of your site layout.

Record & Store Customer Information

  • Store customer, storage, insurance and payment details in one place alongside their invoice history.
  • Easily move storage from one plot to another.

Customer History

  • Save a detailed customer history for each customer with the date and time.
  • Add notes to the customer and attach documents and images.

Create Contracts, Invoices & Statements

  • Create, Email and Print documents using stored details, individually or in bulk.
  • Add frequently sold items such as gas or accessories to our Sales List and create Sales Invoices.
  • If you are registered for VAT, this is calculated automatically.
  • Customise with your own logo and CaSSOA Award Status.

Record Payments

  • Add payments to invoices, in full or part.
  • Record the date and payment method.
  • With the Xero Integration module, track payments entered through Xero.

Send Emails & Text Messages

  • Create and send emails / texts directly from Storage Manager to your customers.
  • Save email templates to choose from when sending out emails.
  • Attach documents to send out with emails.
  • Send emails / texts singularly or to multiple customers.

Manage Waiting Lists and Enquiries

  • Add Enquiry customers and store their details in a separate list to existing customers.
  • Move enquiry customers to a plot with ease.
  • Send enquiry emails with attached information documents such as terms & conditions.

Search for Customers

  • Quick Search for Customers using any part of their name.
  • Also search by part of Vehicle Registration, Landline or Mobile number, Caravan Make or Model.
  • Open customer details straight from the Search window.

Create Reports

  • Create, view and print headed reports to communicate information in a clear well presented manner.
  • Create Payment & Invoice reports, occupation report, insurance renewal report, due/overdue for storage renewal reports.


An overview of your business displayed using charts and reports. Click on any item on the Dashboard for an in depth view.
  • Income Report
  • Occupation Report
  • Recent Customer History
  • Upcoming Invoices
  • Money Owed
  • Diary
  • Update Forms Received


  • Create single or recurring appointments
  • Choose a colour scheme to represent the type of appointments
  • Set your own labels and statuses
  • Choose your working days start and finish times

  • Storage Manager backs up your data daily.
  • The data is stored on the local drive and also copied to the cloud.
  • If you have the Paxton Net2 integration module, this data is backed up as well.
  • The backups are all encrypted, ensuring that your data is safe and secure.

  • Remote Support and Training

    • Remote Support using Teamviewer Software.
    • We aim to respond to technical issues or queries within 24 hours, even outside office hours.
    • Your monthly subscription entitles you to unlimited remote training and support.

    We highly recommend arranging a demo to discover all the features Storage Manager has to offer.

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    What our customers say

    • “Discovering and implementing Storage Manager has proved to be the best decision that we have made for our Storage Company. The help and support is absolutely first class and we would highly recommend this programme to anyone with a storage site. It helps you measure the business so you can manage it a lot easier. ”
      BL Caravan Storage, Northamptonshire
    • “I was looking for a way to keep track of our caravan storage that was able to include a site plan, All customer data, invoicing and would also integrate with our accounting system. After much research I came across Storage Manager but this was based in the U.K. I contacted Mike and he advised he was able to customize this for us in Australia. Storage Manager has turned out to be the perfect program for us. Mike and his team have been fantastic organising installation of the program and also integrating this with our accounting program (Xero). Also being available to do voice to voice training with us within our working day in Australia – despite the time difference. The program is very simple to use making it very time efficient and easy to follow. I have found the Storage Manager Team fantastic to work with and completely professional. ”
      Pattos RV Storage, Geelong, Australia
    • “I have been using Station Software’s Storage Manager for around 4 years now and can honestly say it has made the running our storage site easy and straightforward, with 180 customers on site Storage Manager manages customer records, invoicing, payments and reports, it can also integrate with our accounting software. Storage Manager makes managing my business in a professional and efficient manner a breeze and Mike and his team from Station Software provide great support, should you need it. ”
      Appleby Caravan Storage, Derbyshire
    • “We would definitely recommend the ‘Storage Manager’ software package. It has helped transform our business. We are now able to invoice customers electronically and monitor payments, saving time and money on postage and phone calls. The software is easy to follow and user friendly. Each customer has their own profile, including contact details, payments and insurance status. Thus making it easy and quick to glance. Saffron and Mike are always there to support and are very quick to respond to any queries. We are very pleased with the whole package and thoroughly recommend to anyone.”
      -Andrew and Alison
      The Spinney Caravan Storage, Staffordshire
    • “We are very happy to give Station Software our highest recommendation. We use their ‘Storage Manager’ software package for both our caravan storage compound and self-storage businesses. We have been working with them to develop our ability to track the movement of caravans and motorhomes in and out of our compound via SecureSite and push the boundaries of security to a new and better level. Storage Manager operates our whole storage business and is fully integrated with our Net2 access control system and Xero accounts software. The system is easy to use and is well supported by Mike and Saffron who have provided us with invaluable training along with regular updates complete with instructions. ”
      -Keith, Alison and Helen
      Border Caravan Storage, Peterborough

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