Storage Manager

Forms Integration

Enable the customer to keep their Storage Manager details up to date.

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Email a secure link to the customer

  • Whenever you communicate with your customers, such as sending their renewal invoice, you can include a link so they can check and update their details.
  • The link takes the customer to a secure online form that they can access using a computer, tablet or phone.

Customer completes the secure online form

  • The customer can make any changes to their existing information.
  • They can upload documents such as Insurance or Driving Licence.
  • Once the form is submitted, the details are sent to Storage Manager.

Details are updated in Storage Manager

  • The customer's existing information is displayed alongside the added or amended information.
  • You decide which information will be used to update the customer's record.
  • Attachments are recorded and saved in the customer's history.


Monthly subscription £8.00

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