Storage Manager

Paxton NET2 Access Control Integration

Storage Manager integrates fully with Paxton NET2 Access Control System.

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Add Customers

  • Create customers on Net2 with just one click.
  • No need to input customers details twice, customers are created on Net2 using the stored details on Storage Manager.

Add / Remove Tokens

  • Add a token or remove a token from a customer.
  • When you delete a customer from Storage Manager they will be automatically deleted from Net2 along with their tokens.
  • Tokens can then be reassigned to a new customer.

Set Access Level and Department

  • Control site access times by setting a customers access level.
  • Add/edit customers access level.
  • Change the department the customer appears in.

Monitor Movements

  • Monitor movements as they occur.
  • View live events in Storage Manager whilst completing other tasks all in the same window.

Check Tokens

  • Check who a token is assigned to by dropping it onto a Paxton desktop reader.

Net2 Status

  • Using Display Options you can quickly view the Net2 status of your customers.
  • You can see which of your customers exist on Net2 and whether they have access to the site.

View CCTV clips for Events

  • Whenever an access token is used, the system records the date and time of the event.
  • Clicking on any event will playback the CCTV clip from the exact moment the token was used.

Automatic Lockout

  • You can set Credit Limits for all customers or individual customers.
  • If a customer exceeds their credit limit, Storage manager will instruct Net2 to remove their access.
  • Once the customer has settled their bill, normal access is restored automatically.

Open the Gate Remotely

  • You can open the gate remotely by clicking on the Open Gate button.
  • If you have more than one gate, you can choose which gate to open.

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