Storage Manager

Xero Accounts Integration

Storage Manager integrates fully with Xero Accounts.

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Add Customers

  • Create new customers on Xero.
  • Match customers in Storage Manager to existing customers in Xero.

Create Invoices

  • Create invoices on Storage Manager and post them to straight to Xero.
  • Post as draft or approved invoices.

Xero Status

  • Using Display Options you can quickly view the Xero status of your customers.
  • You can see which of your customers exist on Xero.

Post Bulk Invoices

  • Select group of invoices to post to Xero.
  • Use bulk action to send to Xero.

Track Payments

  • When invoices are paid on Xero, Storage Manager will automatically mark invoices as paid.
  • Use display options to see if customers have money due or overdue.

Directly link to Xero

  • Open an invoice in Xero straight from Storage Manager.
  • Storage Manager links you to the invoice in Xero so you can add payments etc.

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